Hello everyone! I am new here so I thought I would make an introduction. I have been a 3d artist/hobbiest since Imagine circa '94. This included RayDream Designer, Lightwace (Video Toaster platform), and others. Then around '02 I actually bought into Cinema 4d. I have been with it ever since and am currently licensed for R14, obviously very behind due to persistent expensive renewal costs. So I am here. I didn’t give Blender a real serious look until it’s newer UI redesign in 2.8, so really new to this workflow.

I have been noticing stability issue with Blender though. I am currently on 2.91 and every once in a while the app will just suddenly disappear which is concerning. I do not experience this with Cinema at all. Running Windows 10 (Insider member) on the lastest build, all drivers are up to date and I don’t see any other issues. Most recent driver set from Nvidia fails as well. I had to downgrade a level; however, so far so good with the exception mentioned.

I am just learning to speak Blender at the moment so things are tricky and challenging. I have viewed a few youtube resources on the topic, but the wide range in quality is getting frustrating. Would anyone have a resource to good relatively complete tut series perhaps geared to those migrating from other platforms?

Like I said, I am fairly new to Blender and might ask newbie, frustrating questions until I can digest enough. But until then, plausible deniability. :slight_smile: So, here is my self introduction.

First blender test project (be nice!):

Hello and welcome. Why not going the official route?

Welcome aboard!