A new poster from me. I made this using Blender 3.0 and some of the new geometry node features. I know this style isn’t popular here, but I’m still impressed you can use Blender to make so many different styles and not just be railroaded into striving for photorealism.

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Hey, came here from your other thread, I never saw it before. I think your composition here is actually really interesting and eyecatching, you usually don’t see things like this in 3d-renders, with the negative space being such a big part of the composition. It feels like a european scifi comics cover.
I really like the ceiling and icicles there. They make a really graphical impression, don’t know if that makes sense.

I have some feedback if you want, even if is a couple of months old at this point so feel free to ignore.

One thing that would make it stronger is making the people pop more, they kinda blend in with the busy crystals. I think their silhouette could cut into the negative space so their eyes . If they were perhaps a warmer more saturated color they would both contrast and fit together with the rest of the picture more. Also the purple crystals could maybe be a bit towards blue so the enviroment keeps a similiar hue. Maybe even keep all the crystals in the same color as the rest of the cave. I really like how it looks in the ceiling where it all blends together.

The snow feels almost dirty since its grey, so if it was more blue in the shadows it would feel better with the rest as well. The hard toon shading doesnt really mesh with the more dithered “real” 3d shade so I would choose between one of them.

I hope you continue experimenting with this style and this sort of composition, I also find it really interesting and I really liked this piece even if it could use some more work. I hope you achive your goals in the future, I think you have something interesting going on with your work!

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback.

I think if I were to revisit this piece, there is a lot I’d do differently and you touch on some of it. But composition wise, I was quite pleased with the “overall” broad image - I thought it was quite “stark”. I don’t know if I’d keep the people. I don’t know - they tell a story (at least in my head they do).

I’m not sure how I feel about toon shaders at the moment - it is so much work, and the set up I had behaves really weirdly with lighting. I’m almost tempted to try rendering this again with proper textures, see how it compares. I’ll need to wait for concierge render to allow Blender 3.0 files though - iirc, this poster took about 35hrs to render on my machine.