"Intuos Pen & Touch Medium" how much usable is it for SCULPTING ? ? ? ? ?

Hey everyone. I’m planning to purchase a digital pad and of course the main reason for it is that I want to get started with sculpting (this is the one that I want - https://store.wacom.com/us/en/product/CTH680/ )! ! ! So definitely went for Bamboo (since it’s the most popular and pretty much the only DigPad manufacturing company I know). My knowledge in that area is quite poor, so I really need your help. Well my question will be, How much applicable is CTH680 for my purposes, how good will it work as a main sculpting tool in Blender and as well In Zbrush (Is its sensitivity OK? will it cause some lags etc.) ? Also, despite the fact that I’ve seen that it works pretty good in photoshop, i still want to know from an experienced user, of how much usable it will be for Texture Painting (both Blender and other softs) . That model perfectly fits my pocket range and if it will serve my needs, that will just pluck the right strings. Oh yea and I’m an Win 7 user, just in case if that matters cs i’ve heard that bamboo has some problems with system compatibility. Thanx in advance!

If you have never used a tablet before for painting and sculpting and only used a mouse: a universe of a difference. There is just no comparison.

For beginners the Bamboo is more than fine. Later, when you get more experienced, you may perhaps want to upgrade to a larger Intuos Pro.

And any lagging in sculpting (even 2d digital painting) is never caused by the Wacom, but by the CPU and/or GPU in combination with the complexity of your scene. zBrush is CPU limited, while other sculpting apps like 3dCoat, Blender, C4d, Mudbox are mainly GPU limited (although a fast CPU is also very helpful: generally the GPU bottleneck is reached quicker, but it depends on your rig).

So the question is rather: what kind of machine do you have currently? Because I get lagging even in Photoshop on an i5 with 4gb and an Intel chipset. On my main desktop machine everything is butter smooth, until I hit the 30 million~36 million polygons in Blender. But in zBrush and 3dCoat I can push much further. Depends on the software too.

Thank you for replying. Yea I’ve never even tried tabled drawing/sculpting before so I’m opening a new door here. So I should take it right, instead of waiting quite long until i have enough money for PTH 651, since if CTH680 gets the job done it will be waste of time. What i was worried about the most was if the tablet is good enough for sculpting and pretty much any sort of 3d workflow, like i was thinking that it might be too weak and have a time difference between pen stroke and action within software (like for example if you draw the line on tablet, in photoshop it appears second later, like on those “electric signature” tabs)

Well my machine is made out of i5 iv on 8 gigs of RAM and 650 GTX on 2 gigs and I honestly didn’t know that gpu was involved in workflow until you pressed f12, I thought all the vertex calculations was done by CPU and randomly stored in RAM. So when I increase the amount of polys in Blender and my pc starts to slow down, what’s causing it? lack of RAM weak CPU or GPU ? I guess it’s crucial with sculpting cs there you need as much poly freedom as possible right. . .

I have this one and it works just fine for sculpting.
Not much of a painter really so I don’t know if it works well for that but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.