Inustrial Fantasy

For my DnD campaign im writing.
Inspired by various industrial complexes like oil rigs and refineries.
Unfinished crap.

Wow, that looks pretty good for a wip, what renderer did you use? my only crit is that there appears to be a gap between the bottom of the building (on the left side), and the grass.

Such an awesome work of art for being so simple!

My opinion:
There are some scale problems: the tiles on the pathway/ the trees/ the grass.
I don’t like how the windows are situated really close to the edge of the buildings

With nicer materials, this can become really great !

Carry on !

I like this composition man. 5/5:D

Renderer is blender internal. Ray sun with sky, no atmosphere, 5x Raytrace AO with color from texture.

And the gap is a weird very dark shadow.

I agree, its a very flimsy composition. If you look at the mesh, the scales are fine, its just the angle/DOF that makes the problems (i used the DOF to mask some problems with low res tiles/ gaps in the grass)
the materials are temporary of course. I made this at work in 4 hours from boredom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres several problems that i have with it, (to-do):

-the “industrial” parts with the yellow and blue pipes are just duplicated around, it should be more unique

-windows are crudely placed

-buildings lack detail

-grass looks horrible at distance

-materials are crap