Invader Zim - G.I.R !

Ok, a friend loaned me his invader zim dvd and I fell in love. I don’t know if anyone here ever heard of them. Anyhow I started modelling G.I.R part as an exercise to stop me from sucking so hard :slight_smile: . This is what I’ve got so far…

The materials are just slapped on there. Haven’t done toon shading with the new material settings so if anyone have any good tut on that please put a link in. I’m planning on doing a short with him so I’m going to rig him aswell.

Oh! And another q. Anyone know how I can get the hatch on his stomach to get edges? :-?

C&C please

Looking great, I wasn’t sure if that was your work or a reference at first!
I would use the Edge button in the scene section under Output, if you are not already using that, for edges.

To get the toon edged on his stomach, you have to change (increase in this case) the Eint slider in the Edge Setting Box (right beside the Edge Button in the render panel.

If you make it too high, though, too many edges will be drawn, so you have to experiment to find the right value with your model/scene.

Ok, small update. More or less finalized the materials and I’m now working on the scene and lighting. As you see I’ve still havin trouble getting the right edges but I’m wotking on sharpening those that doesn’t show.

Thanx for the feedback guys (gals ?).

Now some C&C is much welcomed. especially on the lighting. I’ll be moving to foqused crits when I come to the rigging and animating I think…


His legs look weird.

The legs are just a bit too curved. My buddy made one today too, but he is a complete noob with blender.

AO looks wrong in a cartoony setting.

ok, fixed the lighting, the legs and got rid of the AO (bugged me to). This is what I’ve got…


If you look at the concept you´ll see that the head is wider…eh fan… Huvudet är bredare och djupare högre upp.
Benen ska vara bredare och djupare. Men inte längre. Längden är bra på bena.
Jag tror mitten delen ska likna mer en tunna.

Jag hoppas att du kan svenska annars har jag skämt ut mig.

Inte skämt ut dig alls…dock vet jag inte vad dom på forumet tycker om att man skriver på hemspråket :slight_smile: . Grejen är att referensbilden jag har högst upp bara är en variant av hur han kan se ut. I serien är han mkt rundare i kroppen och huvudet är inte lika extremt så jag tog nån slags mittväg…men jag ser vad du menar.

Now maybe we should stick to english from now on :wink:

Looks great,

I think one of the things that throws it off for me is the mouth, notice the 5 slits instead of 3 that you have. other then that it looks awesome.

Yeah but I think you could say it in an other language if its a constructive criticism. If it would help. Many dont have english as a primary language.

Sure. We´ll stick to English. :wink:

You could also texture his glaseyes. There was another thread that someone did that.

Hmm, I’ve been trying to get more of a glass effect there but to no success. If you find that thread I would be grateful.

Darkelfv: Thanx, I’ll change that later. Just havent had the time yet…

just wanted to post a closeup. Fixed the eyes :smiley:

Looks alot better.

Now you could use better lightning. Like 3 point lightning.

reaminds me alot of Enriq766 avatar :wink:


I really need to see this “Invader Zim” show!

Shading looks really good, character as well. Keep up the good work.

That does it!!!

Im changing my avatar!!!


maybe something from the crosswalk project

Enriq766: :o sorry man, I just use my latest project as my avatar so I change it all the time…atleast 'til I find something I’m really happy with. I’ll change it if you want, np :slight_smile: .

Grape Ape: Thanx. Yes you do need to watch this show…do as I say Human!

C4: Yeah that just occured to me :-?

bigbad: Mmm, I’m lookin into that after the weekend, thanx.

Going away for the weekend but I’m going to start rigging him next week. Does anyone have a clue as to how I rig his eyes so that they change shape into this:\gir4.jpg
I would be very happy…

I’m no expert, but RVK’s would be the way to go with the eye’s I think.