Invader Zim Shape Key Trouble


So I’ve been practicing my animation skills and I’m trying to give my model expressions, via shape keys.

I finished modeling the mesh, assigned my shape keys (set to relative) and scrolled through them to make sure they worked, and then I keyed the shapes at the wanted times and frames in the IPO/shape key window.

Problem is, when I press alt A to see the animation, the shape keys are not taking effect. Nothing happens. :eek:

I’ve looked through the various documentation and as far as I can tell I set everything up correctly.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing or not doing right/wrong?:confused:


(blender 2.48
MacBook Pro Mac OSX 10.5)

Maybe you should post a .blend file.

I would, but even after deleting all materials, objects, and other animations the file is too big.

EDIT: Nevermind, here is the blend file

At the bottom of the shape keys panel there’s a place for a vertex group, and next to it there’s a drop-down menu of shape keys. This drop-down menu is used to select a basis from which to use the shape key as a relative shape key. You’ve got this selected to the shape key itself on each key, meaning that the relative change from that key is zero. Basically you should set that menu back to Basis (the default) for all the shape keys, and then it works.

Oh, duh! Thank you very much, that solved the problem.