invalid texture issue with USM Exporter 1.1 help requested

I am a new user of blender, I am not extremely familiar witht the softwarem. So excuse me if this is rather newbish.

I have downloaded USM Export 1.0 (a plugin to export blender meshes into the .ASE format used by 3dsmax and the unreal engine)

I always seem to have invalid textures when I try to export a file with even the simplest textures. unfortunately all the information I can find for USM is in german.


If anyone can help me I would be eternally greatful.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I am using blender v2.33.

The USM exporter works only with UV Textures and only with
Triangles not Quads.
Add a UV Texture and convert the Quads in Triangles.