Invasion Of The Cow Snatchers

My fifth game! It’s pretty small, but I just wanted to take a break from my Summer Project :stuck_out_tongue:

You play a UFO and shoot down planes and snatch up cows.
You need to be over the cow to capture it.
After you grab the cow, bring it back to the portal(the blue arrow will guide you)

Hint: Getting spotted by the spotlights on the trucks is the only way you can lose!



downloading, looks nice :yes:

The environment and textures look amazing! I haven’t downloaded it yet, but by looking at the screenshots… :eek: Whoa!
I must ask you this: How did you make the title thing at 0:05 of the video fade in? :confused:

I think the game is awesome! It was really fun! And funny in a way to hear the people in the planes screaming.
But it was really hard to get the cows… I still haven’t got one yet…

@ RandomPickle, Thank you for the support! :wink: The ground texture is a 2048 by 2048, where I baked shadows to an image and baked Ambient Occlusion to another image. I went into gimp and made those 2 images(in layer form) soft light and make the rest of the grass and dirt with filters. The title picture fade in because of video effects in Sony Vegas. It isn’t in-game. You could do it by animating a material’s alpha slider, but I don’t know the exact way in the new blenders.

@ McThingy, Just fly over it so it is in the yellow “beam” and press the 1 on the numpad. Make sure you’re right over it. You should hear a “moo” if you pick it up.

Thanks guys (and gals)!

No, not the controls. Everything worked fine. It was just hard to pick up a cow because the planes kept coming at me.
That’s really the only thing that’s wrong. The planes are too aggressive on easy. (To me)

Ohhhhh, ha. My bad. The planes are tough, I totally agree. They only take 5 shots to kill when you take 20. I would say just time it right. They do strafing runs so if you start going backwards you have a small amount of time to shoot 'em. Turning slowly also is good for avoiding their guns.

i played until level 3 when it was so imposible to get the cows because of too many trucks and the planes always shooting me down, you should do a “respawn delay” for the planes, as you kill them and they instantly respawn and kill you, nice game though

Dont even try to steal the name from Larryboy! Thats the movie the peas go to see at the beginning!

I remember a similar Flash game a few years back, but it didn’t have as many features (you just abducted people and their vehicles IIRC).

This looks really cool and fun. Congratulations, cam.dudes! :slight_smile:

you mean this one?
yeah i played it too

Yep, that’s the one!

Oh yeah! That game.

I thought it was like Destroy All Humans.

To help the Bgame site I put this up on it. Here is the link.

Thanks for adding it to bGame! :smiley: