Invasion of the Cute Fuzzy Things from Space

This is for the WC # 300. I made the buildings previously, so, not sure whether it’s a pure or open entry.

lol thats pretty funny. nice job.

Ha Ha, I like how the fuzzies look so oblivious, almost like they are packed with explosives and dont know about it.

nice work :smiley:

Tribbles, with eyes.

Aha, the last piece of my Furby conspiracy theory is complete. Thanks Modron!

Sweet. Seems like there’s a lot more ships than fuzzy things though. Considering how close to the ground the foremost one is, I’d expect more of the fuzzy things to have been released from the ships…

Thanks guys, yeah, I was going to have more of them, going further back into the scene, but I ran into a problem, with the wire material I used for the parachute strings, being rendered always at the same thickness, regardless of depth, which became more obvious the more I added toward the back. Next time I will model the strings with polys instead, and actually I’m thinking about doing a better version maybe with some more mayhem and stuff.
(edit) also, I am noticing from the tutorial in 3DWorld that there are a number of ways which I could improve upon the hair.