Invasion of the Space Brain!

I’m having a ball creating concept art for a retro sci-fi project at work (I don’t post much of my work, but this time I see no problem.) It’s rather on the “tradigital” side.

Ok, my first concept was the result of some dabbing in Artweaver; a day and half job. God, I’m still so slow for “rapid” concept sketching. Behold the invading space brain…

No, I don’t like the saucer either. :smiley:

Next, the death ray gun and your typical little green man. Little but evil! These were originally hand-drawn, then traced and colored in Inkscape (these are meant for Flash).

Finally, a WIP – another staple of oldie sci-fi, ready for vectorization. My favorite so far;

Hope you guys like.

Critiques and comments are welcome.

Ho, no comments? Ok, but I’m sure I can learn quite a bunch of stuff from all of you.

More art. This belongs to the same series. We need a background, so I went for something a bit less cheesy.

nice art work, no crits from me, i like the diferent style. cheers :smiley:

I love the first and latest ones, absolutely fanatastic, great work man.

Wow, good work! :smiley:

Niceness! :slight_smile:

Wow, you are really good! Is the space scene completely original or did you use some photographs in there as well? And I’m guessing you are using a graphics tablet?

Thanks – the tools helped a lot. I couldn’t draw a straight line if my life depended on it.

Yeah, I have a tablet. Everything in the space image is painted with the exception of the shiny part of the clouds (I used a picture there and painted over) and the planet’s ring, which I rendered (in Blender of course) since I had to rush a comp.

Most of this was done with OpenSource tools.

Awesome, it goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune on software to create professional imagery. OSS rules! :cool: