have any of you people out ther thought of any inventions that are usefull?
anything worth keeping?
something helpfull to all people?
something that could be usefull to the future that could not create utter distruction?:eek:

I myself have many Ideas of inventions.
like a new kinda automobile.
it was pretty much a giant wheel, two smaller wheels, an ingine, and a seat in the center of the bigger wheel.
the two smaller wheels would keep it stabel and turn it.
can anyone see how this could work?
or what I am saying?:confused:

are you thinking of making this car within the GE? cause if your not, this is in the wrong forum…

Deja Vu… :spin:

I just read this in the Off-Topic forum… Except the title was misspelled.

alreay done and you dont even need the two extra wheels. embrio is a one wheel motorcycle where you sit above the wheel. and thats a video on a one wheel motorcycle where you sit inside the wheel sitting inside the wheel isn’t a good design. you have to keep leaning out to see which can get tireing, you have to remember the wheel is blocking ot the view in front of you.