Hi. C&C welcome.

alright first off it looks realy cool and well done. But now for the c and c :slight_smile:
the paint brushes I think should be smooth (if they are used they would be worn smooth like an old wood chair) and maybe it is just the angle but the feather pen looks to short on the end. I dont have any first hand expierence with them but I also dont think it would float that high in the ink. lastly its kinda hard to tell what the chair padding is made of. It looks like it could almost be sandstone or something (might be leather or cloth, and if it is maybe add some wrinkles)

looks great so far, i really like the job you did on the textures. i didn’t notice nay major issues with modelling and any i did have been mentioned ^ however, i think the most important thing that now needs some tweaking is the lighting. it looks a little confusing and as to where the lights comeing from, and looks a little too bright on some objects, that i would guess the lamp is close to. can you share more info on how/what your planning to develop as well as your final goal, that way we can give more focused critique

superman, sadrobot :thanks for comments and sorry for so past reply
chair is made from wood, the red thing is pillow :slight_smile:
added some scene and pictures




wow nice :slight_smile: your image has a Myst-feeling, know the game?
for c&c - there’s a lot of interesting stuff in your scene but it’s looked at in a 2d-kind of way. I don’t know if that’s what your trying to do, but it might be nice to put your camera a bit higher, so you get some more sense of depth on the stuff on your desk. You can also play with your camera-lens setting to get a sense of depth.

[ nice way to do this: add a empty, put it at the focal point in your scene (in 3d), then select camera and the empty (in that order) and press Ctrl-T, and then select the track to option. This way, you can move your camera to any position and still have your focal point in the middle of your picture. ]

Second, your lighting has great potential, with a moon outside and a candle inside - maybe it’s nice to tone down your overall lighting (do you have a hemi or a lamp with no physical source?) and get some contrast on the real sources of light.

Go go go ! :smiley: this could make a great wallpaper!

They really looks nice, I really like the color and feel of it.

Only thing I can add is, have you tried pointing the telescope at the moon, so that the telescope is in the doorway. To nice of a telescope to see so little of it.

scraze: thanks for critique and hints. I will update the lighting and camera position when i finished the human model, Wallpaper - uhuh :smiley: .
Blade_Pride : i´m working also on the “night scene”, so you can seethe telescope