inventory for adventure games...

hello for all
i read this post:
the file works in blender 2.42:

I am trying to adapt it to a game of adventures
but i understand the script info dont works .

code error:
file “info” line 11, in?
attribute error: note:confused:

the “note” property is located in the objects of the scene of the inventory. in the second layer:confused:

you can donwload the test file here:

thanks for any aid:)

please dont double post!

POCHO: The error means that whatever object is running the script does not have a property named note. Is the object with the property “note” the one that calls the script? I’ll take a quick look at your file.

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I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. I see the objects in Scene 2, Layer 2 with the property “note” attached, but I don’t completely understand how they are supposed to be added in and used in the inventory list. They aren’t showing up at all for me. I’ll have to look at luxor’s post to see how it’s supposed to be set up. I can’t do that until later today, though.

BTW, I like your character, and your system for moving is great. Maybe you could set up an animated cursor that’s angled so it looks like it’s on the ground and have it leave some sort of mark so that you know exactly where the character is going.

ok i see the problem… the startup script is running on every frame so it always reset everything on the always actuator that runs the startup script the pulse mode have to both be unchecked and that makes an always actuator only run once on startup. And the guns in the 2nd layer on the inventory scene have to be the EXACT same name as the ones on the “gun” property on the first scene case matters. yup your setup ws totally screwed.

and here is the fixed file

and no i dont know how to use sentanes or paragraphs.

Ah ok no problem :slight_smile:

thank you very much scabootssca.
the file works .:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
very sorry for the double post:D
thanks blendenzo for the explanation of the double post:)
now you can download the test files inventory here:
but i another final questions::confused:
when we used for example a key of the inventory
as an object of the inventory can be erased?

thank you very much to all by its aid