Inventory to Inventory

I see a lot of inventory threads here, but, my questions seems to differ some.

I want cube 1 ( the Player ) to click on Cube 2 ( treasure chest ) and take gold bars over a period of time, not all at once.

I would like to do this with logic bricks if possible. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
Python if I have to, but, this isn’t for a mass amount of players, its just for me. My personal attempt at avoiding online PvP games.

If someone could help me figure this out or point me to a tutorial that will, I will thank you now for any help.

Sounds like you need a “money transfer system” :wink:

Seriously, you need a system that does what you describe. As it is a sequence of actions (one amount after the other) I suggest to use a state system. Be aware the system performs the transfer only. It does nothing else.

States: idle, transferring, pause

does nothing
on activation signal (e.g. a message, or a changed property) -> change state to transferring

Here you need to know where to take the money from (source), where to put it (target), how much per transfer (amount) and how long to wait (delay). The source need to tell you how much is available, the target need to tell you how much it can accept.

if there is money left at the source:
-> source decrease the complete amount by amount
-> target increase the complete amount by amount
-> switch to state Delay

if the source is empty or not available anymore(e.g. player moved away):
-> switch to state Waiting (as you are done)

State Idle:
wait delay time then switch to state Transferring

A typically sequence of states would be:

Waiting -> Transferring -> Delay -> Transferring -> Delay -> Transferring -> Delay -> Waiting

You can implement this with logic bricks only but you are not restricted to do it that way.

I know this is a very abstract description. Does it gives you the idea or do you need more details?

Thanks for the response.
I find it very annoying that the website logs me out before I can post my response and have to retype it. I will try again.

I would like more details please, I just started using blender a few weeks ago, modeling mostly. I have played with the logic bricks in mouselook and playermove. To see what different settings would do. I can even read a python script and change some things in those,but, I cannot write code at all.

I get the basics of what you are saying, but have no idea how I would set that up.