Inverse Kinematic - saving, loading file and showing animation in BGE


I’m working on one aplication where i wont to save animations as skript where i write only changes in positions.

something like : L_Hand L_uper_Arm -0.015 0.20 -0.18 (Start_of_Chain(dynamic) End_of_Chain(static) X Y Z)

and show it by Inverse Kinematick algorithm (something like CCD).

I have idea, how i can do this in C++, but I would be very happy when i can
do this in Blender and BGE. But I’m newbe in Blender.

So questions is:

-Can I directly save animation in some file format who is like my skript?
(becose i havn’t good view about all file formats where blender can export animations)

-Can I load that file and show animation in BGE application?

So main idea is about saving and loading animations not frame by frame, but
only in skript. And than showing that animations in runned BGE application.

And in the end, when you thing, this isn’t real in Blender now, I would be happy for
tips for alternative solutions, and about saving and loading animations in BGE, frame by frame, too.

I believe, some good expert in BGE find this and help me. :slight_smile: