Inverse Kinematics don't update in realtime

I was reading Mike Pan’s and Dalai Felinto’s “Game Developement in Blender” and I saw that they said that IK bone constraints work in game. It tried this, but it didn’t work… The IK’s won’t update in real-time like the book said, they just stay there:(. Does anyone else have this problem?

I saw the post about climbing, and thats essentially what i want to achieve, but it doesn’t explain how.

Well, I WILL need this later in my games, but I have no idea on how to achieve the climbing/handging stuff.

Attach a run armature actuator to a positive triggering always sensor on the armature.

or any time you move the Ik target run the armature,

Hello! I’ve got a question - how do I change the IK target dependent on my needs? So that in one moment it is door handle, but in other - a rope to hang at.

Cool… Run armature
That works. I think @Adriansnetlis, you sould just be able to change the position of you IK object

Oh… Yeah - that may be it!:slight_smile: Thanks! :wink:

Awesome!!! that is so cool…

@BluePrintRandom, I am total noob at rigging, so I want to ask you some help - could you make me an IK rig that uses empties as tergets for both arms and legs? If you have time to and you want to do it, please - contact me at hangouts! Thanks!:slight_smile:

EDIT: I guess I made one myself, but I have a problem: I see there actuator that runs armature(although it is not used as IK runs automaticly when I hit P for me), but I don’t see anywhere chance to stop running the IKs(for some actions that IK emties just can’t do or would be very difficult to do). So - how do I fix this?

I think i’ll make a Tutorial on how to do climbing, but i may need some help. lemme just test over the next few days what works and doesn’t, and then i’ll see what i can put together.

Armature actuator has a “set target” function

Will you make tutorial of having walk animations, climbing abilities aswell as hitting at target all at once? That will be useful for Von Der Dead.

! At once!!! i’ll try one at a time

@BluePrintRandom you’re pretty smart, how would i add some damping to the IK so it doesn’t happen like in 1 tic?