Inverse Kinematics?

I’m fairly new to this forum, I just joined a couple days ago (though I have been snooping around for a while). I’ve been trying to find out how to activate Inverse Kinematics, mainly because I’m working on a game project in my spare time and need it to help with character animations. Well, I can’t find any un-outdated tutorials for it! :mad: So if someone could help, that would be great.

in edit mode add a control bone

In pose mode click the control bone, shift click the bone you want at the end of the chain, press SHIFT + I

Go to bone constraints and set the length of the chain

the outdated tutorials are fine. You have to understand the concept of this ik-thing and this is not easy. Except you have already done it with other 3d-software, then you might not need it … but then, i think there would be not this question about how its working and how to use.
Did you watch this:

and if,
could you create the rifigy-system for the human-meta-biped
and animate it? It comes with a whole system of ik-bones, foot-roll and so on…
What videos have you seen?

Wait, what’s a control bone?

Any bone that is used to control the movement of other bones instead of directly deforming the mesh.

Best wishes,

YES! It works! Thanks, guys.

If you’re wanting a reasonably up-to-date tutorial on how to make an IK/FK switch, allowing for both types of movement, the latest BlenderArt magazine (issue 35) starts off with one.