Invert curve bevel

Hi guys,

can anyone tell me if it’s possible to invert the bevel profile for a curve and if so, how to achieve it? I know I can make a curve from scratch and use that, I just wanna know if I can do it with the built in interface to avoid an extra object.

Screenshot: The profile comes out of the frame, instead of going in. Also, I can’t figure how to limit it to only extrude the front, not the back part. I could of course convert to mesh an delete faces, but maybe it’s possible nondestructively.

Thank you!

A couple of ways …Set curve to 3d or it will fill the curve with a face…
In the Fill mode, you can set it to fill Full, Front, Back, or Half…
You can also in the curve segments switch the direction…or in the Profile depth set it as a negative number…or a mix of all of these to get what you want…

Thanks for the reply!
I had already tried all of the above EXCEPT changing direction. Maybe that will do the trick!

Since I’M working “the old way” now with a curve object:
how are the two realting to each other? It seems I have to rotate the object curve 180 degreens in Z and -90 in Y axis. Is there any logic behind this? I’d guess so, but… well, not exactly my strength apparently. I would just like to set this up in a solid manner with less trial & error. Do I have to create the curves facing Z? Now I made them all facing Y, as I need them for a facade.

If there’s a good tutorial about the matter, please point me there, I only found very general stuff that all works fine and dandy, but not in my case.

Also, if I don’t set these curves to cyclic, the open ends distort, like they “inflate”. I know I could solve that by converting to mesh, but I wanna try to stay as lightweight as possible.

Start HERE and work your way through…

There are just too many… but would recommend the one on Curve Bevels and weights as well as Curves Encyclopedia.

As far as adding a curve they usually default to 2d…in the corner pop-up when adding set your rotation there…then it won’t matter when you add the Bevel…will work the same as in my previous post…

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Thank you, there are some good pointers there. Astonishing how much difference a different search term makes!

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