Invert IK bone effect

Hello, i have an IK bone behind a character to controll the chest bone, witch lets me easily make the character rotate the body while walking, but the head follows that pattern too, with looks strange. is there any way to connect the head to the IKbone aswell, but invert the effect?

the IK bone moves from left to right behind the character and the chestbone will point throughwards it, can i make it so that if i move it left, the character rotates right, and if i move it right, the character rotates left?

thank you for your replys.!!!

Try parenting a bone to the IK controler bone… then move that bone out in front of the character a ways… now make this bone the IK Target for the head to look at … every time you move the IK bone for the torso you should get an equal yet opposite reaction from the head…

Actually… let me modify what I just said…

The Head target should be out front… but it should be parented to the Chest bone… such that when ever the chest bone pivots to track the chest IK target… it swings the Head target around in an equal yet opposite direction