Inverted Ambient Occlusion bake

Hey guys, Im having quite a Little Problem:

I started to bake out some Ambient Occlusion Maps, which worked fine for the bit but at one Object it started to invert the other side of the AO map onto the another:


As you can see, it just copied the Location of the Camera place onto the other side. Im using a mirror modifier, so that would be my guess for the Problem, but I cant turn it off, otherwise I end up with the camera side (or vice versa) no getting the correct bake.

Please help!


check your uv maps… it looks they are mirrored.

How can I fix those ?

apply any mirror modifiers, uncheck ‘X Mirror’ from the ‘Options’ panel in the tool shelf, set your edge seems correctly and unwrap again.

Gotchya, that did the trick !

Out of curiosity: So if I wanted to make a bugfix cuz normal/AO or whatever maps are bugged, I just simply reunwrap ?
I mean yeah, sounds Logical, but just doing another Unwrap is Kind of resetting previous Settings I’ve made to the mesh, right ?

Ím just asking because of clarifyment, im fairly noobish in Unwrapping meshes :S

hummm…I’m not quite understanding what you’re asking, though… but you can have more than 1 uv map per object, if you need different uvs for different textures/bakes…