Inverted pattern, problem with LSCM.

I am new no LSCM, and mapping, I encountered a problem with my pattern when I tested it. For the patterns appeared in the interior of the model. I believe the fact that I modeled only one side of it with a modifier contributed to the problem. I attempted to solve the problem by scaling the patterns to –1 thought it had no effect.

Does any one have any advice or a solution for my problem?
I know I could repinn the model after I convert it to mesh, thought I am not really interested to spend more time on pinning it.

In face mode there’s a “twoside” option in the edit buttons under Texture Face.

You can also make sure which way your normals are pointing.

That’s a cool fish Mischie!

Looks like you’re falling victim to “Normals” !

When you UV map a face in Blender (by default - more later) it only has one real side! If you view it from the other side, it doesn’t exist! there are two ways to deal with it…

Select all faces in edit mode and go to the mesh menu > Normals > Recalculate outside


In editin buttons with UV Face Select mode, find a button marked “Two Sides” and turn it on.

Hope this helps.

Believe this can be solved by going to UV [in the UV editor window] Mirror > then choosing Mirror X.

Might find this interesting too

Thanks for the response, thought I still was not able to solve my problem.
The 2-sided effect was already on, surprisingly.

The mirror modifier in UV face select is the same in edit mode and object mode it just made a mirrored copy of the mesh.

I checked my normal and most of them were pointing in side, I converted the mesh then tried to calculate the normals outside with ctrl+n, though it had no effect. Does anyone know how to reorient the normals, beside ctrl+n in edit mode?

Ammusionist thanks for the comment, I am putting my fish into my portfolio for college.

I am trying to get into a 3 year Illustration and design course, Photoshop, Illustrator, and a bit of 3d Max and Toon Boom Harmony, new iMacs (before Intel iMacs though still new), ya I am excited for next fall. :smiley:

Er…the UV editor, not face select…nothing to do with modifiers, edit mode or object mode. In UV editor with faces selcted, Mirror > Mirror X.

Er…the UV editor, not face select…nothing to do with modifiers, edit mode or object mode. In UV editor with faces selcted, Mirror > Mirror X.[/quote]

Thanks for the quick response I just tried it with x thought it had the same non resolving effect as scaling it to –1, I tried it with y as well though it didn’t seam to have any effect. :frowning:

You’re in the UV window [ the button that looks the most like it has a human face in it] You select all [A-key] - if you select nothing you might wonder why nothing happens ??? You go to the UV menu, choose Mirror, and choose Mirror X. You have no choice in numbers or values, otherwise you’re in the wrong window. You click it and flip - and if your fish is in textured view in the window alongside it updates.

Post Blend file if you’re still stuck…

Yes I am in that window, the patters did flip though it still appears in side the fish when I am in UV face select mode or object mode. I don’t know of a host that can upload blend files, though I could send you an email with the file attached.