Inverting a normalmap

I’m doing a lot of modelling for games (Doom 3 right now) and I have just taken the jump to the 2.5 series and I’m having some issues with normalmaps that mean it’s rendered inverted to what I want (things that should point in points out). In Blender <2.5 I could just doubleclick the normal button so it’d turn yellow and invert it for me, but I haven’t found any way to do the same in 2.54. I have been told that Blender bakes normalmaps wrong (at least if you’ll use them for Doom 3) and are therefore using Xnormal. What should I do?

Try a negative value in the normal setting.

I can’t believe it was that simple. Thanks a lot, man!

Any time.
It usually is something simple.

Everything gets simple once you know the trick :stuck_out_tongue: