Investing in Unreal for metaverse?

Hi, I’ve been away from 3D for a year or so after discovering investing. I noticed somewhere ARK INVESTMENTS is maybe buying Unreal stock, and wondered if unreal might be the ultimately winning engine for all this Meta? I’m just basing this on how good the engine looks with real-time rendering, but I’m not as immersed as I used to be in new things. Unreal also has Nano crypto, but that is just a plug-in, and I wonder that will be it for a while or if another plug-in might pop up. Nano is pretty expensive as compared to Decentraland etc. Are any brainiacs in here investing?

Also if anyone has any other good possible 3D investing suggestions.

Here’s a fun read, about how a bunch of millennials’ on reddit got together and tore Wall Street hedge funds a collective new one.

Yeah I have 100 AMC, I missed GME. I bought at $6 average and didn’t sell at $70, it’s taking a little longer than I thought it would. I just bought about 4,000 shares of NAKD which is another of the meme stocks, a week ago it was an underwear company and its now planning to merge with the largest commercial sales EV company.

I also have 157,000 DPLS which I’m excited about.

I was just mainly wondering if there’s any good VR or meta type stocks or meta based crypto that anyone’s aware of. Like a future crypto that will soon be used in Unreal would be a good one if anyone here has any info :smiley:

I figure some people in here might be really good with stocks. I like the Japanese trader knicknamed “B.N.F.”, his approach to buying good stocks that have crashed, but my attempts at this are still in effect. I bought a bunch of a stock called ARDX which fell from $9 to $1, but that needs postponed fda approval to bounce back. If that works I will be pretty happy person, and I’ll continue this technique further.

Shouldn’t Bitcoin be able to handle this kind of stuff in the future now that taproot has been activated?

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I just looked and there is also a “project Taproot” for unreal engine, which is maybe something different than Taproot for bitcoin. Thats probably a rabbithole trying to find out the next UE crypto plugin, this is something Ideasman42 should check out for quick mind staggering cash, put something together quickly and load up on a super cheap but solid crypto, or even make a new crypto to be used exclusively for the plugin. Nano coins are 5 bucks each which is too expensive for me if some other cooler plugin can come along.

Just thinking about it now and a plugin that allowed multiple input crypto would be the way to go with Unreal Engine. “Universal Unreal Pay” or something, which could be exchanged for multiple crypto, but to make money link a new crypto into it that the plugin seems to prefer. I’m too much of a flake to investigate even adding a plugin, I’m still recuperating from my Godot engine Christmas game from two years ago :smiley:

Actually theres nothing preventing Blender institute from quickly making a reputable crypto plugin for UE right? “Unreal Crypto Blender” I want developer credit if this gets used, and some similar percentage as others! Cryptos can be exported to “monkey heads”, using a good value spread for profitability. If they deposit .001 Etherium they get like 500,000 monkey heads to use in any game etc.

Plugins seem pretty accessible… I now realize the main hurdle would be getting developers to build it into their individual games. Unreal will probably make their own built in plugin at some point, and the crypto they choose will be a good one to buy at the initial release.

Epic Games is a privately owned company - I don’t think you can buy their stock? Or is this something else entirely?

I think this is more about (gaming) tokens which make it able to monetize stuff you get in games.

For example you might find a certain item, perhaps a special suit, in a game. You can then sell this suit for real money on a market place within the games eco system.
This sort of thing can be done in a lot of games these days. But you can only sell the suit in this one specific games eco system.

With certain types of crypto token it would be possible to find the suit in on game and sell it in another game (providing both games support it of course).
The token would provide a financial system which every game can tap into.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the suit would magically pop up in the other game. This would have to be supported by the game in question.

Now, with talk about this whole metaverse stuff it is not only games for which this sort of thing is relevant. People are already buying virtual “land” in apps similar to what used to be second life.
Now, having a token which can connect these apps economies would be very interesting.

So, I guess the reason for this thread is that if Epic decides to implement one of the existing tokens as their “default” tokens its price would probably rise quite a bit. If you somehow could guess which one Epic would chose you could probably make a lot of money.

I think NANO is this so far in Unreal, but I only have a quick understanding. It’s an actual crypto, but I can buy decentralland and mana which I think are game specific coins in my trust wallet.

I saw a few videos about buying virtual real world property, which is pretty neat, I guess they get the rights to display AR VR to these locations, sort of like if you could place things in googlemaps spheremap “drive” I guess. I also saw a few VR glove companies, and the different headset companies seem to be accelerating in design quality, so I’m going to maybe spend some time looking at their stock prices.

There’s the body capture suit this “Xanadu” guy uses too, whatever company this is. In the near future people can either have Legoman like avatars or for a reasonable price graceful representations of themselves in vr meetings etc.I just realized if they have patents on it, that would be great, if it’s patented I would invest 100% into this motion capture suit company.Then again some A.I. method could make it obsolete pretty easily.