Invicible content of glass [Help needex]

To the left you see the glowing green content, to the right you see the glass with the exact same green content inside… Why is it so hard to see it when it is inside the glass… I wanted it to seem like a toxic content inside the glass, and making it glow green all around it… Instead I ended up with a glass with a tiny bit of green that I can barely see. Please help me fix this :frowning:

Where’s your .blend file? How are we supposed to know what to fix if we can’t see what you’ve done?

There is too much gloss on your glass material. it’s glass, you don’t need gloss on it. and get some better reflections, all your reflecting at the moment is grey.

My crystal ball is reading very grainy results. Maybe I need to increase the number of samples on my psychic powers.

The glass is the glass-template from the Cycles render… The glass is just a tube shaped plane, and the light is a scaled tube that is green and emitting light instead of the glass material.

The reflections will be there later, right now I just want this to show properly within the glass.

  • It was a quick-render… It is not the quality that is an issue :stuck_out_tongue:

And the .blend file?

I am not uploading that.

you know thats not how it works, first you have to go through the 20 questions routine until they
a. frustrate you with posts that keep describing the problem but in slightly different ways, then give up in despair that no one can understand the problem
b. figure the solution themselves and never hear from them again, except to let you know its fixed, leaving you completely in the dark as to what the problem was in the first place,
c. figures that their work is so special that even a sample of the file with the issue is far to prescious to post on line and its your fault for not knowing whats going on inside
or d. finally figures out after 3 pages of going in circles that posting the blend file would have got the issue sorted in minutes.
then, you never hear from them again.

i think its in the forum rules somewhere

It is the glass materials ray visibility that fucks it up, is there a way to make the light ignore glass materials?

i see we’re going with c. on this one

Funny how you had to edit it because you thought you made up something even more hillarious than before. If you aren’t here to help, then please don’t bother posting…

Now-now, Small Troll. There’s no need to be a smart ass!

Just kidding…Sick 'em. That’s just good stuff.


Small Troll is being entirely realistic as we’ve all been through this many, many times before.

In other words: It has no thickness? How is that supposed to work if you don’t model physically plausible?

Blend file (253 KB, HDR not included).


Those look great, I didn’t think that no thickness would result in the objects within the tube not being visible. As you might’ve noticed I am still just a rookie at using Blender :stuck_out_tongue: Having no thickness was by far the easiest for me to model :stuck_out_tongue:

Cycles does not understand your intentions - it just follows light rays through your transparent mesh. And if Cycles only finds front and back polygons with corresponding normals, it concludes the object must be massive glass.

When modeling, always try to…

  • …use real world scale
  • …model objects like they are build in real life.

Could I just use a solidify to add the thickness to the glass? I have no idea how to make a proper round ending otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: I really need to get better at basic modelling :smiley:

I’m all up for helping but if you’re not prepared to meet us halfway then why bother asking for help. A .blend with a testtube and content and a background with a lamp would suffice. but no thats far too revealing of your project. And yes i edited my post for hilarious effect because i had forgotten about option c. thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

Then we can’t help you. We can’t examine what you’ve done, so there’s no way to tell you what you’ve done wrong other than guessing. I don’t care to waste my time or yours with guessing.

Your test tubes are not special. No one needs or wants to steal them. You don’t even know how to do basic shaders yet, so you don’t have anything in your file of any commercial worth. And even if you did, it would be a trivial matter for you to strip out everything except an example of the problem without sharing the rest of whatever is in your file that you believe is so worth protecting. Posting an example file is standard procedure for anyone who wants help. 3D work is too complicated for anyone to look at a grainy render and divine what exactly has gone wrong. Either upload a file or figure it out yourself. I am sick and tired of people asking for help and then outright refusing to provide the basic information needed for that help.

Yes, you can use the solidify modifier, plus the bevel one of the edges are too sharp :slight_smile:

Here, become a member and watch this tutorial: Since you don’t want to help the people trying to help you out, figure it out with research like many of us have done.