Invincible kitten game

Ok, here are the rules:
There is an invincible kitten, you do 1 to it and it says something, whatever you want, and whatever you say will happen to the next post below you.-so on and so forth. Here goes…

I stick a bomb in its ear. It says “you can’t use weapons on me!”:evilgrin:

I shove it in a rocket nozzle on the space shuttle just before takeoff. It says ‘Gee, looks like I’m cooked!’

I tie a cement block to its foot and drop it to the bottom of the ocean.

Since it is drowning, it can’t say anything.

I think you just broke your own game.

Or perhaps I don’t really understand how this game works.

You got it, Sandrew. Dead kitten, game over. So sad. :evilgrin:

It has babies!:evilgrin:

they all say that this forum game must go on!

A kitten that has baby kittens?

Now you’re just making stuff up.

sigh. Don’t put a rain on my parade. This is imaginary! Remember?! Who cares if there is an invincible a-sexual kitten?!

I tell it that this is without a doubt the weirdest forum game in human history. It says, “so what?”

I tell it that it is the best forum game ever.

It says Thanks! And gives me a raygun.

I ask it it’s opinion on the current global economy and the ramifications of government arbitrarily aiding private business at the expense of its citizens whilst simultanteously retrenching, potentially helpful, educational programs…

…to which it turns it head to the side and replies…


cute. That is the perfect pic.

I turn the kitten into a Dragon and it devours the one who posted this thread.

Game over (for the thread starter, the Dragon that used to be the kitty will live on and eat those who make threads no one understands)

The kitten isn’t invulnerable to being turned into a dragon?

I would assume turning it into another species altogether wouldn’t be included in the stuff it’s invincible to, I would assume it’s just invincible to pain, sensory overload. and can’t be blown up

The kitten spits him, transforms into a giant sabertooth cat, and eats Cyborg Dragon in dragon form being 100X bigger than him, then turns back into it’s normal form.

The kitten has humans feed it, clean its poop, scratch its itches, and rub its tummy without expecting anything in return.

Wait a sec, my cats do that already…


Are you sure that’s cat behavior, our cat just wants and wants, wants inside and out, wants food, wants your lap, ect… She even tried to assert herself as master of our beagle today by reaching her paw out to him and batting him on the head (she failed, the dog won)

The kitten gets tired of being the one of lowest authority, so it conquers the nation and asserts a harsh regime.

The kitten, secure in her authoritarian stronghold, has all dogs rounded up and interned in North Dakota. They are forced to walk on treadmills to generate energy so that all kittens may have electric blankets.

The kitten decrees that all days must be sunny and windows un-curtained, to allow the maximum number of sunny spots on the floor for kittens to lie in.


“Hey this is cool” says the kitten. Now who will agree ?