invisable mesh

hi sorry if this has been asked before but i did a search and couldnt find anything it seems that when i go to add something eg. a armature or a mesh it doesnt show up it comes up with the name of the object but i cant see the object itself this first happend with a armature after a while i managed to add one but no idea how as i diddnt change any settings ive tried zooming in it shows nothing there even with pressing del full stop ive tried from all differnt angles. Ok thats weird i just tried it in perspective mode and it worked so switched back to orthog and now i can add things again but it still shows the invisable items i tried to add in the links and materials ah ive just rememberd the oops schematic its showing up there can some remind me how to use it to make my objects show up and if anyone has reasons why they disapered was probably because i was in local view right? seems a shame not to post this now its really long what a waste i figured it out while typing it lol

Use punctuations please otherwise it makes the post very hard to read i think the problem might be related to your graphic card if you can see it with perspective that means at least the object is there you might want to try update your display drivers also does the issue you described only happen to armatures? what about regular cubes and circles?