invisibility cloak?

the camera can see the cubes but NOT the meshes in between.
and how do i correct it?


invisible.blend (1.21 MB)

All your objects have zero faces, only vertices and edges…
That’s why

In edit mode, select all and hit F to fill them, it should work.


how did you get that ?
did you export from 2.5 to 2.49 and back again ?

happy bl

glad you guys were online!
F did it!

very starnge!

is this a new bug or just a weird error ?

can you detail setps to get that
normaly when you extrude it does extrude face not only edges


but in first place where did you get a verts cloud like that?


dunno what avert cloud is!

sorry First pic shows a mesh without any faces only verts and edges
i have never seen this yet in blender
and hope i dont

apart from exporting from 2.5 to 2.49

if it is a bug then report it


It’s easy to get that if you do x (delete) and then pick faces only. Happens.

if that is what he did
but is it what happen or something else?

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