Invisible Camera Used to Render, Can't Delete.

First off, I would like to say I’m not very savvy with all the options in blender, but I can make my way around. I tried playing around with the settings for the camera awhile back on a different project, but now I’m on a new canvas and modeled something from the popular game Minecraft. When I tried to render it with a camera I placed down, it rendered from a completely different view. I tried looking around for a camera I could have accidently placed down around the area of render, but nothing could be found. The same view pops up when I press 0 on my numpad. Not really sure why it’s doing this, and it’s starting to make me mad. So if anyone can help, it be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you haven’t a camera object in your scene you may have set another object to be the camera (Ctrl+numpad 0), other objects as well as camera objects can act as cameras. You can see what is the camera in the Scene settings.

Attach or linkto your blend file so others can see what is actually in your scene

Ok thanks! I’ll take a look at that. And here is the .blend:mc world flat.blend (1.33 MB)

Step 1 - reset the curser to the world origin since it is way out in space. Do this with Shift+C
Step 2 - Add a camera Chift+A / add camera
Step 3 - Increase the size of the camera as the scene is very large. Select the camera and in the camera properties increase the Display Size from the default 5cm
Step 4 - Increase the clip end distance of your camera so it can see the whole scene. Select the camera and in the camera / lens properties increase the Clipping End to something like 100m
Step 5 - Set the new camera to be the active camera. Select the camera and Ctrl+Numpad 0
Step 6 - position the camera in your scene to your desired view

Updated blend file attached


mc world flat.blend (186 KB)