Invisible collections

So I have this blend file that was made in 2.79. I made heavy use of the old collection system and the file contains many many objects. Now when I open it in 2.8, most of the collections are missing from the 3D viewport. By adding another view layer I could make one more collection visible. They exist in the outliner. I can add and disable them from the 3D view, but it has no effect.

In this screenshot, you can see that there are collections in the outliner that are not available in the 3D viewport.

I won’t upload the blend file as it is over 600Mb.

Uhhm, I solved it myself. Nothing I did in the outliner worked. But in the 3D viewport I could use the shortcuts for jumping between layers, keys 1, 2, 3 etc. Jumping between all the collections made them appear.

Anyone think this is a bug worth trying to duplicate with a smaller blend file and reporting?

I had the same problem when important from an old project, lots of collections hidden.

There is a tiny button at the top of the outliner:

It controls the button shown in the outliner. Click the one looking like a screen, it controls restrict render like in 2.79.

Unsure why they hide it in 2.8.

Oh yeah, thanks, that helped even better. :smiley:

The eye controls “temporarily hide in viewport”. My collections were hidden by “Globally disable in viewports”.