Invisible Glass

Okay, I prolly can find this somewhere on the forum, but the search feature gives me way too much results.

I’ve got a blend file right here…

Why is it rendering as invisible? I tried tweaking it, to no result. I’ve made a glass box pyramid before, but a simple glass for a candle won’t work!

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Here’s a pick of what I get. :expressionless:

Most of the time posts get answered in… 2 mins?

Please help me :-?

Your glass is set up as a particle emitter. Either remove the particle effect or turn on Mesh in the Display: buttons of the Particle panel.

Questions belong in Blender General forum.



Sorry for that mate, will do it in the future, thanks for your answer.

Explain: First wanted to make a fluid sim, so I was playing around with options, didn’t know what they were gonna do… :o


No they are not. I have had several post over th last 5 years that NEVER got answered. Everyone here is just another blender user that MIGHT be able to help you. Do not expect INSTANT answers.

Just calm down now, I got it working with some help aite? No not all posts, in general the posts are pretty quick.

I’m new, I only read the new posts, they got answered quick, just as my last past. Hence my assumation.

(Which might just be bad english).