Invisible in standalone

My character meshes are visible and work normally in the embedded player but when I export as runtime or execute the standalone, my character meshes are invisible. I have my camera set, I have UV textured meshes, I have no scene lighting (I have shadeless materials), I reference my meshes from an invisible layer. Do you know any common problems that could cause this? Is there any information I can provide to make the problem more clear?

Do they have a material? In multitexture mode it will display un-materialed objects in the embedded player but not the external one.

I changed the render output to GLSL and single texture with the same result

Okay, so I also discovered that if I move the object into my first layer or if I make the invisible layer visible it will appear normally. But for my logic I need to be able to call it out of an invisible layer.

Oookay… So I had an import bpy that I didn’t need that caused things to not work in standalone. Took me duplicating and commenting out my entire code to figure that one out.