Invisible Menus!!

Hello and help!!

I’m working on putting a portfolio together and I’m halfway done, and I need to finish for Monday (I’m showcasing my work through a blender game engine export, but that’s not the point).

Randomly, not triggered by any specific action I recall, the menu pop outs started to be invisible. I press space bar, nothing appears. But if I press right key twice (ie what normally moves the highlighted selection to mesh-plane) and press enter, a plane does indeed appear. (btw, version of blender 2.49- I really can’t afford the time to learn 2.5 to ‘fix’ this problem)

So the menu works, I just can’t see it. If I open a new file/another file, it doesn’t happen. If I restart the computer, move/change name of current file and reopen etc, pop out menus still stay the same (invisible but “working”)
Furthermoe, if I open the same file on another computer, the menus do show (which means there’s no point in supplying the example of the problem- for anyone else, it’ll just work)

Has anyone had this problem before or have any clue how to fix it with this individual file? It would take far too long to somehow copy each element of this file into another file (or is there a quick and easy way to append all objects/formatting/scripts at once using the append option??)

I really appreciate any help! (and soon!)

Okay, I’ve actually manage to work around it… After opening a new file and clearing everything, I imported every scene but the one I was last working on and everything worked fine. Then I imported the last scene I was working on and everything worked until the point in which I added a spot lamp- then the menu stopped working again (I closed without saving the new file at that point, opened it again to the point just before where I added this spot lamp, and everything still worked). As well as that, when I figured this out, I tried deleting the spot lamp from the first file that became ‘menu corrupted’, but even after that it still wasn’t working

I’m still curious as to why I can’t use spot lamps without having to worry about this problem… and I didn’t actually ‘fix’ the file, just created a new one. Oh well, back to work

I’m having the exact same problem in 2.49b, though my problems started the first time I opened the program and the problem persists despite half a dozen attempts at uninstalling and re-installing blender and python.

Specifically, it is the “file add timeline game render help” at the top of the first view, and the “view select mesh” menus that are invisible. All “toggle” buttons, such as face select, etc, still work.

Is it some kind of compatibility issue? My graphics card is a brand new PowerColor Radeon HD6950 2GB.

EDIT: I forgot to mention - right clicking doesn’t work at all. No menu pops up!