Invisible Models


I’m working on my FEAR room like i stated in my other thread. I have fixed the lighting but i have yet again stepped on another problem. There seems to be an invisible door that it ruining my project. i cant delete it because i cant see it in blender.

Can someone check what the problem is.
And if it isent to much trouble can you please add some glass on the windows. For some reason when i try to apply the glass texture the render wont pick it up.

BTW i have dual moniters so the view set out might be a bit weird :stuck_out_tongue:

the blend is 5Mbs so the attach wont work

Your door is hidden. Press Alt + ‘h’ to un-hide it, and you can then select it like normal.

As for the glass, how were you trying to make it? Did you make the glass from a single quad(face)? if so, make sure the normal is pointing in the direction of the camera. To check this, go into edit mode, press F9 (for editing buttons) in the Buttons window, and look for the ‘draw normals’ button. Activate this, and check which way the blue ‘normal’ is pointing. If it’s pointing away from the direction of the camera, select the glass face, and press the ‘Flip normals’ button.

I cant see the button or get what you are saying. I deleted the hidden door [thanks]
But i cant see the button.
Screen pics can really help me out. :slight_smile:

i will re word this lol.

I have fixed the invisible door.
But i don’t know how to get the glass texture visible.
Please reword the instructions. Or include pics.
Im still kind of a noob at blender. :stuck_out_tongue: XD

Im using Blender 4.9