Invisible objects visible in normal (non-game engine) mode?

Hey all,

Just upgraded to 2.28, but I’ve run into kind of an annoyance: objects whose faces I’ve set to “invisible” aren’t invisible in the 3d view. When I start the game, they’ll dissapear, but it’s really annoying when they’re not supposed to be there. I can’t select the object unless I’m in wireframe mode (as if it IS invisible) but I can still see it.



No bug. In 3D view, all objects are default visable, no matter faces having the realtime invisable face selected. What to do is select your object. Go to object (F7), and under Drawtype, select Wire. Then only that object will show as a wireframe in solid mode.


Oh wait, I may have read your question wrong. Tell me if I did.

You didn’t read my question wrong… it’s just annoying. 2.47 and ALL previous versions had the faces go invisible when invisible was checked in the texface panel. It’s obnoxious that they appear there in normal 3d view, they even show as casting shadows in GLSL mode. Maybe I’ll just have to have all my invisible objects on another layer that I can easily switch off.