Invisible Objects

How do i add an object thats invisible, but will block out objects behind it…Weird i know, but i have lips in front of teeth, and the teeth are like real teeth, they have a lot of depth…my aim is to have it so when i rotate the teeth and lips together, as if a talking mouth were floating…that i can erase the back teeth that obviously stick out…so it looks like there is depth in the mouth, but the mouth will magically be shallow as it turns…any suggestions?

Don’t understand your explanation but turn off ZTransp (or RayTransp if you’re using raytrace) on the transparent object and turn on shadeless.


Yes, turn alpha on the object enclosing the back of the mouth to 0 but keep ztransp on. This will show the background on the enclosing object. However, if you have any scene elements these will not show.

In order to get any other scene elements to show you should duplicate your scene (top bar where it says scene click the double arrow and select full copy). In the duplicated scene delete the mouth, in the original delete all but the mouth. Now get up the sequence editor and add the second scene, then add the first and then select the first then the second and add an alpha over modifier. Check Do Sequence in render buttons (F10?) and render away.

Hope that helps


thanks…i turned on ztransp and i clicked on alpha in the map to tab…is that right? or is there another alpha to fiddle with? because when i clicked it nothing happened.

Alpha in the Material tab in F5, the slider just below the RGB sliders for Material color.


thanks, that worked, and to get what i wanted i didn’t even need to use Ztransp…thanks again!