How would you make a character turn invisible?I thought it was possible to make the armature invisible and it’s children.

An armature is invisible already as it has no skin. You can hide the skin mesh.

visivility acutator

I am not sure how to do that anymore could you tell me?

Be aware a character consists of several objects, not just one.

You activate the visibility actuator at the skin mesh object (not at the armature).

Exactly that.

If you want to want to be naked you have to take off each single part of your clothing.

Sure you could use the Python API, but it still means to hide each single object one by one.

It is different when you remove the object. When you remove the parent the children have no relationship to the scene anymore and are removed too.

Btw. I do not see a relation to “sitting”.

I was just going to end the character when she is near the chair.Then turn her visible in the chair.
But i wanted her to realisticaly sit down in the chair.I guess i will half to settle for this method.The other method had bugs and it did not work.

I would simply play a sitting down action followed by a sitting action.