Invitation to a Community Interview of Roland Hess (harkyman)

Roland’s new book, “Animating with Blender: How to Create Short Animations from Start to Finish” is due out in September.

And to celebrate it’s launch into publication history, Blenderart Magazine invites you to a Community Interview of Roland himself.

So post all your burning, just got to know questions for Roland here and he will answer them in our next issue of Blenderart Magazine (issue #18, due out end of September).

:evilgrin: And since I started this thread, I get to go first.:evilgrin:

What was the most difficult part in putting this book together?

Can one special order an autographed copy ?

What is the greatest change to your Blender workflow (and creative workflow in general) resulting from completing this project?

Okay, i have a couple:

How is animating in blender different from animating in other packages

What are the most important things when learning animation

What are the most important things to remember when animating in general

Do you read the blenderart magazine

Why do you like to animate

Can you describe a what could have been a “showstopper” problem while working on this project and how you over came or solved it?

Having already written two Blender books, do you have any plans to write another book, and what topic would you be covering?