Invitation to Peer Review an EEVEE book!

Collab as Technical Reviewers for a book on lighting and shading via EEVEE.
Packt is looking for experienced EEVEE professionals to peer-review the technical content of a book on the same.

You give: Your feedback- a second opinion on whether the content in the book works.
You get:

  • Credits in the foreword,
  • perks like free books & videos via annual subscription to Packt,
  • early access to the book for upskilling.

Why participate:
-If you’re looking to explore authorship opportunities, this is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes & understand the nitty-gritties of technical publishing.
-Establish a professional relationship with Packt and allows us to understand each other’s expectations.
-This opportunity provides credibility with association to Packt’s brand value and expands your reach.
Learn more:

Looking forward to providing value to the community through this!

Please contact with interest: [email protected]