IO Guru (2.79/2.80), Import/Export with Wisdom and Elegance (and just paste your object files)

Sure, it is just that I did not get to it. I have multiple add-ons going on so hard to constantly update all of them regularly.

Centering and changing the default format is on my todo list. As usual I will update the thread when I have a new version.

Ok cool, sounds great. Thanks!!

Hello kkar! Bought your add-on yesterday! It is exactly what I need! Thanks for all the effort! unfortunatley I am getting error messages, when trying to export assets. I hope the attached screenshot helps! I am using the official 2.80 release.


Thanks for your interest in this add-on. I am also sorry about the error you get.

Did you set up a global export path in the add-on preferences? Can you also attach a screenshot of the ad-on’s preferences?

Also when you set a path for an object, you set a folder not a full object file name etc. I cant see the end of your export path settings.

I will take a look at it. I actually have not tested it with the release 2.80. The Python API has been changing rapidly, so it is possible that the add-on stayed behind a bit.

In any case if this is caused by the add-on I will release a fix very soon.

Thank you very very much!!! Setting up the path in the settings of the add-on solved my problem! It works like a charm now! No idea, why I missed the window in the add-ons tab…Finally batch export of multiple files! Again thank you very much!

Cool, I am glad to hear that.

You can export to “global”, “custom” and “local(where .blend is)” in the add-on’s object pane (one on the right in your screenshot). Are able export using those 3 options separately? I just want to make sure they work properly for you.

Hey kkar,

I can export using those 3 options and my objects are exported to the correct folder.
Exporting multiple objects worked also as expected!

Great. It is a quite time saver :slight_smile:

You can also mass import objects by pasting into Blender or via list file (there is a pane for it in the Scene tab). See the help for how to do that on Windows.

Yeah! It’s awesome! Thanks a lot for the quick replies and help!

Hello there, I picked this up and tried to use it to export a model and an armature for use in Unity3D, using Blender 2.8 and IOGuru 1.2 - however there seems to be multiple issues, I’d like to know if there’s any viable fix? am I doing something wrong?

  1. I ticked the ‘[x] export’ on the model, set it as .fbx (unity’s preferred format), gave it the desired path, and hit ‘export file’ - however in unity the model seems to have a -90 degrees rotation on the X axis and the scales are set at x100,y100,z100… I encountered this issue before with blender’s standard FBX exporter, I assume this being used here? (also, is there a way to conveniently fetch what custom format options are available? its only a text field so there’s not much I can figure out for it), Ideally I’d like this to export the model with proper rotation and 1,1,1 scale…

  2. The first model export did not include the armature (reasonable given its a child of the armature), I tried the same process on the armature (which is the parent of the model) only to find that it doesn’t even bother exporting anything… does this batch exporter not support exporting of armatures? can it, please?

Redundancy of words aside, Ideally exporting the armature with the model would export them as one thing with proper scale and rotation so they can be used for game development, I’d appreciate knowing if this is possible to do and how to get that done :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry about the issue you have with the add-on.

I do not use Unity3d so I cant test your issues. It sounds to me that the first issue is with the exporter’s defaults. That is why I implemented Custom Options in the add-ons latest version.

You can add your own comma separated custom export options in there to export with. The options are based on the internal file exporter’s own options. You can hover over the actual FBX exporter in the Blender exporter UI and see what the option is called and then you can paste them there. Also there is a text file in the add-ons folder with those options.

See this image for how to format them.

I am also planning profile based exporting like Unity, Unreal etc. Please feel free to provide some good FBX defaults for Unity3d.

As far as the armature goes, you are right. This is an object based exporter meaning that it is meant to be exporting resulting meshes. And it is for repeated mass exports and imports. However I added armatures to my to do list. I can see how useful this for game developers.

I am thinking to add scene based exports (vs object based now). This should solve Fbx with armatures issue. But you can try the custom options to see if it works for you.


V1.3 is up with

  • [NEW] Reset location prior to export
  • [NEW] Global format override (sets the default format per object, disables object level selection)


I believe this update addresses #2 and #3 from your prior wish list.

Woohoo!! Thanks very much! I can’t wait to try it!

Just wanted to point out that 1.3 doesn’t seem to work on the 2.81 builds. I’m not sure if you were intending to support them since they’re changing so much (which is reasonable) so I thought I’d mention it. The add-on loads just fine but the rollout menu in the Object Properties tab is empty.

It is really tedious to catch up with the nightlies. Some add-ons work fine without any modification and some others will break with every update. It requires constant tailgating if you will. So I am avoiding actively supporting 2.8x nightly builds since they are only alpha quality releases.


Makes total sense! I don’t expect anyone to try to keep up with the pace of nightlies if their addon doesn’t “just work”. Thanks for the reply!

Eventually I will update them. I have many add-ons so that makes it extra hard for me.

One of the reason IO Guru is half working in 2.81 is the legacy support I tried to implement for the 2.7x versions. I will see if I can clean that up and make a release soon.