Ion Artillary(10-19-04)Subsurcture almost done.

Yet another futuristic weapon system currently in developement at Bishop’s Room R&D. :slight_smile:

One last little update for the night:

As you might of guessed it going to be on mobile weapons platform. with 4 treads total.

Nice modelling so far. Keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Very Dr. Evil :slight_smile: Keep it up

Well i only had about an hour to blend today here you go:


Very nice. Is this going to be used in an animation?

Possible animation, but im treating each part seperately so dont give up on it as a whole like i have in past works.

A sound plan, I would say. I like it so far, though.

didnt have to work today so was able to work on it more, Fixed treads started on suspension, and started on the brackets for the cannon.

Getting cooler by the minute, from the looks of it. :slight_smile: Keep us posted. :smiley:

Where did you get the idea thos!

Well here is a sketch i did bout 6 monthes ago that this model is based off of.
(sry for bad quality used digital camera)

I definitely like the improvements you’ve made upon the source, though. Nice new details.

Got a brake from work so i was able to work on it alot.
I need contructive crits plz(i dont need to be told the exact same ‘it looks cool’ message after every post. :-? )

so anyways:
C & C plz.

How is it piloted? By remote control or is there a cockpit on it? Might look kind of cool with some lit up plasma flaring inside the barrel, so you can see it through the vents. What’s the scale of it? Is it huge or relatively small?

Looking at the acnon there are two things that stick out:: -

  1. I think maybe a redesign of the way the barrel is lifted up and down maybe required as the current hydraulic cylinders (assuming thats what they are and not something else :-|) seem a bit too spindley and small in comparison to the rest of the vehicle, to be able to lift that enormous barrel (don’t make the barrel smaller though!).

  2. There isn’t any suspension for the tracks which would be a bit harsh on the vehicle, especially going over rough terrain as I imagine it would.

The modelling itself though is very nice I like the vents and the red at the front just adds that little bit. I agree with jts01 that there should be some plasma flaring in the barrel though.

ohhh … and by the way it DOES look cool 8)


Jts01 about the cockpit its going to be infront i just havent gotten around to it. about the flaring forgot to set up the emit on the magnetic coils(oops) so they glow for that test and the beam it self is still very WIP hopefully itll look better when i got the animated version ready.

and korx, i know the hydralic cylinders look wimpy but in the middle will also be a bar that will go up with the cannon its hard to explain but it will make sense when i actually get around to modeling more of the inerds. and about the suspension its hard to see but the V braces going down to the tracks actually compresses but it still needs improvements. also i really hate the magnetic vectorer(red things on the en) on the end so im gonna redo em still trying to come up with a good looking design.

Back to work again so screwed around glow pugin using that multi scene technique. Basically duped the scene with no lights so that anything that emits would glow:
Did more modeling work too with start of the targeting system in place(thing ontop of cannon) and more structural work done too.

maybe more weight in the rear?

It’s coming along very nicely. I’m happy you updated, I was wondering how it was coming along. I especially like that particle beam, very nice. I was thinking that it might make sense to have a little sattelite reciever/antenna on there for communication or something. :wink: I can’t wait to see what you do with the cockpit, though.