Ion Artillary

One of those projects started long ago, abandoned, started again then once again abandoned, well this time around I finished it, lol.

Update at bottom

I remember this :smiley:

the laser has a shadow :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool. I like the tracks.



(I’m an ex-artilleryman with a physics degree) :slight_smile:

Nice work, way better than the wip I remember!

and yes, try getting ride of the shadow the laser is producing :stuck_out_tongue:

man that is cool!

i like the lack of detail in some areas, keeps it very clean
and makes it look futuristic!
awsome stuff man! just the right amount of detail!

thats mighty fine modeling skill right there! are you planning on using this in a game? would look sweet in quake 4 :slight_smile:

I think the general concept for artillery is a shell that arcs (so you can fire over hills and mountains and buildings and such). Anyway, it looks very good.

ok thanks all, updated version, resquenced it so the beam doesnt have a shadow and made the lighting from it a bit more realistic

Now for what the beam is:
<Super uber scifi BS>
By creating and projecting an extremely powerful magnetic field then inducing over a 100 terrawatts of electrical current though the field the tank is able to able to create what is basically artificial lightning, the electrical current super heats anything in its path, able to almost instantaneously vaporize any obects.
</Super uber scifi BS>

What if it rains? >_>

Great work, looks like it came straight out of a video game (a really cool video game)

Reminds me of Command and Conquer, which had neat little movies that introduced the new technologies in between levels. 10 years later and better tho.

How are the treads made?
Please enlighten us.

If I made this, I would die, because I can’t make stuff like that.
(That is a compliment.)

The physics degree would make you less reliable for spelling, I would have thought :wink:

Great work on the model!

woow I like it, really cool!

OMG!.. this is sooo good!..

I wanted to do a Starcraft Siege Tank for my next project, but it just seems so difficult to model it…

Glad if you have some tips for us here… :slight_smile:

Just another fanboy post…

…but damn this is an awesome work!

awesome work!
i just love futuristic models like this.
i’m going to nitpick a bit however in your terminology… watts are a measurment of power not current (which would be amperage).
A voltage would be induced, a current would be drawn, and power would be volts x amps = watts.

however, it doesn’t change the fact that your model still kicks ass!

Thanks very much all.
rusmannx Shows how much i dont remember physics thx for the correction.

StrikerMuncThe tutorial used I used for the tracks doesnt seem to be online anymore(It was the lego tank one on the old blender site). But basically i made one tread, then used a curve and dupliframes to the size i needed.

Very cool model! Try to make an animation of it. :wink:

And one thing: A laser is not visible in the air, but you can say that you have invented a new technology that does that possible. 8)