"Ion Burn" - glowing smoke test (with Lux)


This was made with a specially tweaked luxblend25 to export the smoke as an emitting volume. It doesn’t support textured emission, meaning it has to be a solid RGB color. Hopefully Lux 0.9 will have some improvements here so you could use a blackbody gradient to make it look more like actual fire. Whole sequence took a little over 45 hours to render @ 720p24

Great Job! Did you do that in Lux because there’s no way to make smoke illuminate in blender internal? Guess what I have seen are fakes using multiply and adding lights to the particle system.

That was what the script modification was for. It’s actually pretty simple to do either, both in the script itself or in the scene file. (modifying the script itself is a bit harder, but much easier to work with). I did a write up on what you need to add to the scene file here: http://www.luxrender.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5948
If you feel like modding luxblend25 itself for this, the file you need to change is export/volumes.py

I could have sworn you could make smoke emit in BI, but now i don’t remember how to get it to render with BI in the first place. :frowning: