iv finally had time to do a proper update to the site, iv put up better music, pictures and stuff.
i just wanted to know, does anything need improving??
oh and there is a new texture page.:yes:

no c&cs???

Well going to your site while I happened to be wearing earphones connected to my computer I had to leave immediately before my ear drums burst. So I didn’t see what your site was like.


oh sos ill put it off.

sweet man whats you web site hosting sirvis

So, it’s just another web portfolio? Along with a bunch of photos of rocks.

its on siteground

shnitzlkil guy, at least i have a site.

Good for you.

And a non-annoying avatar…don’t forget about the non-annoying avatar.

How’s my avatar annoying? An undulating bleached pile of excrement doesn’t seem too annoying to me.

Anyway, I have a site too.

This is one of the best sites on the 'net. Keep up the good work and look forward to more of your updates!