IOR Reference Script

I was browsing through the feature requests on the development wiki when I saw a request for preset IOR values. I thought it could be done in python just as easily as to make it a commit.

So I set out to programming it, and I got this:
Refractor (right click save as please)

The Work Flow is Fairly Simple:
After starting the script enter the material name to set the IOR value on in the Mat Field (It must be a valid name, or the script exits)
Select the Number of the substance you want.
Press Change IOR. (The script will automatically enable RayTranparency)

The script is more finnicky than I would like and the UI is too bulky, so I guess I’ll keep working on it later, but I will not have time for a couple of weeks, so I wanted to post it before I got cold on it.

In the future I plan on condensing this down into a small pop-up box with a couple of pull down menus, rather than the bulk it is now. But, hey, everything has to start somewhere.

I haven’t tried it yet but it looks simple to use. I made a script that just makes a list of IOR values in the text editor. I use it as a reference. I’ll give yours a try.
Mine is here