iPad Export Aggravation

I have been looking into the ipad as a possible 2D animation tool, and it seems all the 2D animation apps have the lamest export options imaginable. One will only export to swf embedded in a pdf, another will only export directly to youtube and twitter. Clearly this is idiotic, and the only reason they would write the app that way is $$$ incentive to do so. Some attempt by Adobe or YouTube at undermining the competition. It makes me say bwaRRRR ARG!!

That’s probably what most of their target audience are after, things like direct to youTube or what have you.

If there is no developer willing to add it then perhaps look at crowd sourcing a small pencil/ line drawing animation tool, perhaps based on the animation version of MyPaint.

If you export to YouTube then it’s a doddle to then download the raw file. A quick search in the app store had one animation app that exported .mov files and another that said it exported an image sequence.

Yeah, sadly the one the exports quick time files does not seem to share the same level of quality as the others. One thing that is kind of nice about these apps though…they are all quite reasonable as far as the price. Most seem to be under $10.