Ipad for a sculpting tool?

Can a Ipad app display and show what is on my computer screen and control the mouse and brush intensity/ size?
I’m too cheap to by a regular tablet.

Buy a wacom bamboo, it works great, costs less than an ipad…
Ipads, I guess maybe could do this, but it would not be near ideal.

Tablet is wayyyyyy cheaper and more accurate than an iPad.

eccofire i suggest a wacom cintiq companion 2
i have buyed last year the android version which is the old version , with the 123D Sculpt+ both on the play store and the appstore
you have a tool to quickly make character with skeleton, then sculpt and paint, and also buy a 3d print directly trough the app,
it’s not so versatile as blender or zbrush but it do the job (i’m actually testing it on my wacom CCH)

I have been giving serious thought to getting a surface pro 3 for 2d art but if it is cheap you want then intuos(<-what the old bamboo tablets are now called) or intuos pro (<- what the old intuos line has been rebranded to) are the way to go but you will be tied to your desktop or laptop with those tablets.

P.S if you go for a Wacom tablet especially the latest model educate yourself on their new naming system. The tablets Wacom now brands as bamboo are not suitable for art the are cut down tablets meant for simpler tasks. It’s bloody confusing and when the rebrand happened it caught out a few people.

If you have a Mac, there’s this:

I’ve used Wacom, and other brands of tablets. A no-name brand that I own is Monoprice, I got mine for $60, and it does everything I need it to do for both 2d illustrations and 3d sculpting, mine doesn’t have tilt sensitivity but there aren’t many cases where it’s truly missed.

I feel that it’s competent, of course Wacom is better but I literally didn’t have the money to buy my own, so I bought a Monoprice, and it’s really really good, it would almost rival Wacom if it had the tilt sensitivity, and if the pen didn’t require a battery (that matters because the pen can feel heavy to people who don’t normally draw/write with big pens)