iPad Pro and grease pencil 2.80

Hey Blender users. Quick question. Just trying iPad Pro and also the duet display pro with grease pencil in 2.80 and always seems to just draw a really faint grey line and also draws unwanted lines for some reason.

This doesn’t happen when I use a mouse and very frustrating as say for eg I am drawing a face then start on the body, when I put the Apple Pencil back on the iPad it immediately draws a line from the last stroke to the present one!

Anyone any ideas please?

Also thinking if this doesn’t work out, of getting the Wacom Intuos Pro. Does this work well with Blender please?

Thanks for any help. :blush:

Hi! Have you solved this issue?

nah sorry i ended up getting the wacom :slight_smile:

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astropad looks promising for me right now :slight_smile: gonna try it for awhile

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