iPhone 2 Illustration

Hello everyone. This is a completed illustration for a magazine article that was for a proposed Apple iPhone 2 release. It had features that the writer was envisioning that Apple would add for that release. Then Apple released the iPhone 3G a month later. He got some things right. I was contracted to do the 3D illustration. This was published roughly 4 months ago. Modeling, lighting, and rendering was done in Blender. Textures and post work were done in Photoshop.

This was my first professional work that was done in Blender. I was playing with Blender for years, and I was convinced that I could use it in my work. I rendered this out at 4800 by 3300. The print size was 16 by 11 inches at 300 dpi. It took less than an hour. All under intense deadline pressure. I was very pleased.

The back views and different colors.

Thanks for looking.

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