IPHONE 3d Stealth / Cartoon style game [images]



Codename: NAIP1
Platform: Iphone/Ipod
Last Edit: 6/03/10

Design History:
A 3D plat-former stealth game (finger control scheme)

Stealth game, controlled by finger. PC follows finger which drags from middle of screen. The player also can select a set of tools to create traps against enemies. Direct violence isn't allowed. The game pushes for thought and clever workarounds in order to attain the goal of the level.

Looking for:

1 Talented Low-Poly Modeller, Animator, Texturing Artist needed.

2 Payment Models:

A. This is contractor (pay per asset) type gig. A NDA will be signed and assets will be requested. Designs sent and Artist will project price.
The game is broken down into levels and first release will encompass the first. Projected artist budget for first release is between $500-$1000.

B. % Share on the profit of the game.

Requesting timely professionals. Also sensible artistic freedoms especially in the cartoon realm. Shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and be cocky!!

More info upon request [PM].
Email: [email protected]

And here are some WIP screenshots


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