iPhone 4

A quick model of an iPhone 4 I made today. I will be adding more to it later and probably making a new scene for it. Right now it is in a kitchen a made a while ago. Rendered with Indigo. Two hours rendering time.

does it come with free reception issues? :smiley:

I’m pretty su… " You are not connected."

Yes, it does.

He-he :stuck_out_tongue: nice one…

Here’s another shot after I added the port , screws, and speakers on the bottom. I also UV mapped the back, which I was having trouble with. There was a strange gray box at the top and the reflections were weird, but I fixed it using remove doubles. I still need to add the ear speaker, but intersections are a pain in the butt. I’ll post an updated render with the fixed doubles after it finishes rendering.

Here is the second render, but now the reflections on the back look weird, like their stretched. How can I fix that?

Hmm. Could you post a picture of it from the blender viewport without a texture on it? I don’t remember indigo having a watermark like that. Yet, I haven’t used indigo in a long time. What exactly is the scene in the latest picture? I don’t really understand what i am looking at. The iPhone itself looks great though.

Here’s the screenshot:

The scene is a picture of an Apple store, but I don’t know how to make the scene smaller so you can see more. Here is the picture: http://images.quickblogcast.com/7/1/0/8/1/126457-118017/apple_store_inside_night.JPG

I forgot to mention that the watermark is because I have the free version of Indigo.

I was expecting the screenshot to show a huge back triangle on the back of the phone, showing why it gets all stretched. Yet, its nice and flat. How exactly are you putting this apple store into the scene? just as a world background image?

I opened up the png image as an environment map in the Indigo scripts on the left side.
I don’t think that it’s the environment map, though. I tried removing it and the reflections looked the same, the triangle was still there. I also tried rotating the entire mesh and the triangle moved to the other side.
EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. I had to re-calculate the normals.

I take that back. The render finished and it still looks bad, if not worse. What’s going on? Is the reflection supposed to look like that?